The holidays are a popular time to travel and often consist of long periods of sitting or waiting in lines. These situations can be painful for those with varicose veins and a problem for others trying to avoid them. Here are four healthy vein tips to help you travel this holiday season.


Airplanes are not known for comfort or spacious leg room. This can be frustrating for any passenger but can be especially troublesome for those with vein disease. The restricted leg room while traveling can create a problem for those trying to prevent vein disease and can be extremely painful for those with varicose veins. If possible, walking or standing up in the cabin can help minimize the pain. Also, choosing an aisle seat would allow you to get up and move more often. Another option would be to lift up your heel to engage your calf muscles. This motion allows the blood to pump from the leg to the heart.


Elevate your legs whenever possible. When you put your legs up, you are reducing the pressure of gravity, making it easier for your lower legs to move the blood back to your heart. Prop up your feet with extra pillows or lay on the ground with your feet raised above. If this is not possible while traveling make sure to do this as soon as you have reached your travel destination.


Make sure to stay hydrated. Water is great for your veins and can also improve your mood. When traveling you might be tempted to indulge in sweets, alcohol, or other foods that can dehydrate you. Staying hydrated keeps the vein walls from narrowing and can prevent constipation, which also stresses the venous system.

Clothing and Compression Stockings:

Wear loose clothing to avoid a tight fit in the waist area. Tight clothing increases pressure on the abdomen and hinders the venous system’s ability to properly circulate the blood flow. Compression stockings offer a rise in pressure designed to help your lower leg veins circulate the blood flow back to your heart. These specialty socks are available over the counter or in prescription grade through your physician. Compression stockings are often effective in reducing uncomfortable symptoms such as aching, swelling, and leg cramps.

Holiday travel might be stressful but it doesn’t have to make your varicose veins worse. If you have any questions contact The Vein Centre, today! 615-269-9007.