The Vein Centre is proud of our expert board-certified vascular surgeons. Doctors Roger Bonau, Billy Kim, and Allen Lee, have over 70 years of combined vein experience and expertise, including diagnosing and treating deep vein thrombosis, more commonly known as DVT. Our doctors and staff have treated thousands of cases concerning varicose veins, spider veins, swollen legs, and venous leg ulcers over their past decades of service.

Our vascular surgeons began this practice with board certifications from the American Board of Surgery and professional residency training. Our skills, our track record, and reputation have shown Middle Tennessee and Music City that we are the distinguished leader of outpatient vein therapy and vein treatment in Belle Meade and Mt. Juliet.


Our priority, first and foremost, is the patient. As local vein surgeons who specialize in spider veins and varicose vein treatments, we believe availability is vital to the overall patient experience, as well as a thorough understanding of their diagnosis. We will visit with you and educate you on the procedures so we can find the best plan for you. We want your vein treatment and therapy to be a stress-free experience, and we warmly welcome you to our vein clinic with every visit.


Our expert staff is committed to bringing you the results you need. Patients sometimes wait before seeking treatment, but there’s no need to wait! You can avoid years of pain and discomfort by visiting a Vein Centre near you. We offer many minimally invasive treatments that can be completed in an hour or less. These treatments have quick recovery times and will let you get back to your day immediately.

We also believe in solving problems down the road. We offer deeper treatment options that will target the root of vein disease, so we can remove and heal your diseased veins and blood vessels for good. Our vein surgeons will provide a thorough diagnosis to determine if these options are right for you.


vein treatment center near me, Treatment Pathways for Varicose VeinsThis approach has helped us address venous leg ulcers. Typically, patients with this form of peripheral arterial disease need extensive wound care treatment. The nature of this condition makes it hard for the ulcer to heal. However, traditional treatments only prevent venous ulcers from growing. By treating the underlying cause in the vein, you will see much better results. You do not have to live with this condition.

By offering procedures for the root of vein problems, we hope to prevent complications for patients. For example, blood clots that cause a pulmonary embolism. This condition occurs when a clot gets stuck in the veins while blood travels to the lungs. You may have a pulmonary embolism if you experience weakness or a shortness of breath while walking or exercising.

Depending on your needs, you may even benefit from hospice and palliative medicine after your procedure. We care deeply about taking care of blood clots and the issues they cause. Not only can they cause blockages in the lungs, but also in the carotid arteries. If you have any questions about these conditions, do not hesitate to ask.


When you visit our office, we always extend a warm welcome. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. The procedures we offer never involve general anesthesia, or “going under.” We are right there with you through your procedure, and do everything for your comfort and results. Past patients report no pain, no discomfort, and immediate results. Some treatment plans require multiple visits for the veins to heal completely, but you will still notice improvements.


As new and improved treatments appear, we search for the best ones to give you even better options. Some of our newest treatments for varicose veins move away from compression therapy. For the patient, this means easier recovery and no need for compression stockings. We hope you see how we will prioritize your treatment for your comfort and success.


virtual visits at the vein centerWe have several vein clinic locations that specialize in varicose vein and spider vein treatments in Nashville, Franklin, and Mt. Juliet, that serve our great communities such as Brentwood, Cool Springs, and Belle Meade, as well as Lebanon and Murfreesboro. Our team and surgeons strive to provide you with the best vein care near you. The Vein Centre has all the information and care for your vein issues and concerns.

Do you have questions that need answering? Or would you like to schedule an appointment and discuss an area of concern? Learn more about our virtual visits or contact us today for more information and to schedule your next visit to The Vein Centre.