Pelvic Venous Insufficiency (PVI): Affecting Millions of Women

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According to the American Journal of Radiology, pelvic pain is a common condition, which affects millions of women worldwide. It occurs when the veins in the pelvis are not able to properly drain blood from the area. This can lead to a number of problems, including pain, swelling, and even fertility issues. PVI often leads [...]

Keep Varicose Veins Away

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What Are Varicose Veins? Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that can occur anywhere in the body but are most commonly found in the legs. They occur when the valves in the veins that normally keep blood flowing in one direction become damaged or weakened, allowing blood to flow backward and pool in the vein. [...]

5 Yoga Poses for Healthy Veins

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Have you noticed swollen or spidery veins on your legs or feet? If so, you may be suffering from varicose veins. Varicose veins can cause long-term health complications due to irregular blood supply to the heart. But don’t stress! Yoga can help alleviate this condition. Sitting for long hours or frequently walking in high heels [...]

Travel Tips for Varicose Veins

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The holidays are a popular time to travel and often consist of long periods of sitting or waiting in lines. These situations can be painful for those with varicose veins and a problem for others trying to avoid them. Here are four healthy vein tips to help you travel this holiday season. Airplanes: Airplanes are [...]

The Benefits Of Vein Treatment Services The Vein Centre Provides In Nashville, TN

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Benefits Of Having Vein Treatment Services, Vascular Surgeries, and Vein Therapy Services From The Vein Centre in Franklin, Nashville, and Mount Juliet The Vein Centre of Nashville, Tennessee performs vascular surgery which involves surgery of the vein structures and arteries of the body, including the aorta, carotid arteries, and arteries of the lower extremities like [...]

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