Let’s be real, no one wants to exercise outside during the winter. But did you know that it’s even more important to exercise in the winter than in the summer since we spend so much time cooped up indoors? There are many reasons why you should embrace the cold weather. Just remember to suit up appropriately with enough layers to keep the body at a healthy temperature. Here are just a few reasons why you should exercise outdoors this winter.

You’ll burn more calories  

Due to colder outside temperatures, the body works harder in the winter time to regulate its core temperature. This means you’ll burn more calories faster.

You’ll strengthen your heart

Cold weather increases the heart rate, which makes the heart work harder to distribute blood throughout the body. By incorporating cold weather workouts into your daily routine, you will be strengthening your heart.

You’ll boost your immune system

Any regular workout can be a powerful immunity booster. You’ll be surprised by how a quick 10 minute workout can make you feel. Daily exercise can help reduce common winter colds or even the flu.

You’ll get a dose of vitamin D

Sure, it’s cold out, but that doesn’t mean the sun exposure won’t supply you with the same nutrients it does throughout the warmer parts of the year. According to the American Heart Association, exposure to sunlight helps to improve mood, vitamin D intake, and helps with bone growth. But keep in mind to wear sunscreen (yes, even when its freezing) after your skin is exposed for more than 15 minutes.

You’ll sleep better

Regular physical activity helps you fall asleep faster and get more sleep. Be sure to avoid working out before falling asleep, because you might be too energized to fall asleep.

Stay in shape

Instead of waiting until the spring or even summer, get a head start and stay in shape by working out in the winter. Exercising during the winter time helps you stay in shape all year round rather than trying to lose wait in a few weeks.

Staying active in the winter time is the most beneficial way to stay healthy. If you have any questions or are looking for alternative treatment methods, contact The Vein Centre today at 615-269-9007!