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Cold Weather and Your Veins: 5 Tips

Winter months can mean a lot for the health of your veins, good and bad. During hot summer months, you may be experiencing pain and swelling from the heat and the inability to get treatment. Summer means shorts, outdoor activities, and having your veins on display. Here are some tips on how to use winter [...]

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Vein Treatment for Men

A common misconception many people have is that vein treatments are just for women. This thought may be due to women having vein health problems after pregnancy or the desire many women have to get rid of varicose veins or spider veins, cosmetically. The truth is, though, that vein issues can happen in men and [...]

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Holiday Travel Tips For Veins

Vacation season is here in the United States! And with vacations come a handful of circumstances that go against managing healthy veins. Between travel to visit family, holiday stress, and seasonal foods you wouldn't normally eat, your vascular system can get put through the wringer. If you have a diagnosis of varicose veins, spider veins, [...]

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Why To See A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon For Vein Disease

When dealing with vein disease, knowing what doctor you should be seeing will significantly improve the success of your vein treatment. Not all doctors are the same many have not completed the same level of certifying examination. In fact, most vein doctors fall into 1 of 3 subgroups that each have varying qualifications: Board Certified [...]

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Importance Of Compression Stockings

Varicose veins and other circulatory problems in the legs can be painful or even dangerous, and many people are looking for ways to improve blood flow and vascular health. Compression stockings are an easy solution that is right for many people. The board-certified doctors at the Nashville Vein Centre can provide a prescription for [...]

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Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

You may think medical ultrasounds relate only to pregnancy, but they are crucial for so many other health care uses, as well. October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month geared toward educating the public about the different applications of this procedure and celebrating the technicians in this field of work. Routine vein and artery checks are, [...]

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Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD Awareness Month)

Have you heard of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)? Well, the month of September is dedicated to raising awareness of this circulatory disease. PAD Awareness Month will increase national knowledge about the disease to improve access to the screenings and treatments. This disease affects 1 in 20 Americans over age 50. What is Peripheral Artery Disease [...]

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The Importance Of Having Treatment At A Certified Vascular Lab

What is a vascular lab? The first thing you need to understand is what a certified vascular lab is and what procedures they perform. A vascular lab deals with veins and arteries. They can administer a variety of tests and screenings to identify disease that may affect blood flow through the body. Certified surgeons can [...]

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